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Good morning, good night, good evening dear readers from whatever place in the world. Listen to this:



Dirty Dubstep Pt 1

23 Ago

Summer is upon us, and even though in the 206 it doesn’t feel like it, I still like to jam out under cloudy skies like it’s 75 degrees and sunny.

Here are some helpful suggestions on what to jam to:


Sonny Moore, DJ of Skrillex, is easily one of the most impressive electrohouse/ dubstep DJ’s of our time. His beats make you want to move, smile, and shudder all at the same time. Check out his album, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, if you want to drive fast.

My favorite songs of his are: “With You, Friends (Long Drive),” and Cinema by Benni Benassi (Skrillex Remix).

Notorious Lights:

DJ LJC mixed two of my favorite artists and came out with not one but two albums that make me so warm and happy inside. Combining Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie) and Pretty Lights is no easy feat, however he does it flawlessly.

Click here to download pt. 1 of Notorious Lights.

The Beatles:

Obviously, everyone has heard of The Beatles, and if you haven’t, then you aren’t a real person. (But seriously, if you haven’t comment below. We need to chat.) Anyway, The Beatles are some of the greatest artists to ever walk this planet and their music will always be relevant.

Lately, I’ve been jamming out to their album Let it Be, but of course everything else by them is awesome as well. You should also check out the live videos of them on youtube, because Ringo Star is easily the funniest drummer that has ever walked this planet.

Bon Iver:

Bon Iver’s new album is up on NPR’s website for first listening, and it’s so calming and creative. I have listened to it at least five or six times through and it still gives me chills.

Check out the new album here. Some of the other songs that I love to listen to by Bon Iver are: Blood Bank, Woods, Skinny Love, and Wisconsin.


I’ve also been jamming to the Oldies station here in Seattle, WA. The station is 95.7 and if you’re not from around here, you can find it on the “I Heart Radio” app or streaming live online at

Some of my favorite songs from the oldies are:

Rock On by David Essex

Young Turks by Rod Stewart

Spinning Wheel by Blood Sweat and Tears

Joy to the World by Three Dog Night

Here’s the thing about dubstep, you have to actively listen to enjoy it. You have the like the beat carry you or else it’s going to sound really annoying or busy or scary. You have to give it your all, and if you do, it will blow your mind.

Please please mister powowowowstman?

Best Drop Ever.

Slats, Slats, slats is my favorite

The most perfect song for Roadies.

[NEW]Alfiya Glow is at it again

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I really like the artist who follows and I tend to talk about each of his news,

Alfiya Glow

You will love it, Dj Ak

9 Ago

Dj Ak

Enjoy my sweets!!

Have a listen, Andrea Rubino

3 Ago

There is something addictive about this style of dance music that makes you want to shuffle until your legs fall off. Today we have a bounce banger straight out of U.S.A from Andrea Rubino.

This music has every main ingredient to be considered an anthem: a bitchin’ bass-line to make the booty bounce, along with a breakdown that’ll have grandma needing a hip replacement. That just screams ‘anthem.’ Andrea Rubino haS really set the bar with this one, so put on your best shuffling shoes, turn up the volume, and dance the day away! this track is out on Beatport, so make sure to get your copy now!

Free eargasm music, Ruka

27 Jul

Come on guys,

Thank you so much. This song makes my day.

Have a listen, Alfiya Glow

21 Jul

How are you doing! Today I want to post this,